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Kyiv, 10b Vozdvyzhenska str.
Desired М. Bazhana 1Е, ТЦ Appetite (093) 92 93 177
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+38 (044) 455 84 53 / (063) 400 47 69


From 10:00 to 22:00


BabyRock is a gastronomic cafe and space for children with developmental and entertainment functions and the kindergarten of the first half of a day
It is located between two restaurants Oxota Na Ovets and gastroRock, so that you can fully feel the power of the concept "Children play - Parents rest"
You can leave a child at any time (hourly pay) and we will occupy it with games, animators, developing things, workshops, home zoo and, believe me, with many other things

BabyRock space is unique because it comprises a children cafe and open kitchen
We’ll feed your child the natural food and teach it to cook or we’ll organize the conceptual birthday
During two years parents have entrusted us with hundreds of kids, so we are able to handle your child!

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М. Київ, вул. Воздвиженська, 10 Б / Проспект Миколи Бажана 1Е, ТЦ Апетит