South Ukrainian cuisine


In the early 19th, century near the downtown of Kyiv, appered a new vivid trading place. The most delicious fruits, wine and fish from all over the Bessarabia were sold here.
Over one hundred years of trading pavilions and shops with the goods and products from the South there appeared the need to build a large modern market like newly created indoor markets in Europe. Lazar Brodsky, a famouse philanthropist, gave money for this ambitious project. In 1908 there was hold a competiotion of designs and in 1912, July 3d, the Bessarabian market was officialy opened and became one of the city’s symbol: in one place on the Kyiv’s map the traditional groceries and newest engineering technologies were united.
One hundred years later, we present another page of the history. Here, on Bessarabka square, we create the place which is dedicated to the new Southern Ukrainian gastronomy.