Kanapka bar


Kyiv, 30a Andriyivsʹkyy uzviz str
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+38 044 425 24 03
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From 9:00 to 24:00

Kanapka bar

How to create a significant place? You know, the place you come for a special occasion or just to have a glass of wine, recalling how it’s nice here. The place you think over while planning your breakfast and you want to come back again and again. The place that gives you a feeling of pleasant easiness of life and fantastic gastronomic emotions.


Surely, it is created with great love. In fact, all the wonderful things are created so. If you add to these years of work, search for interesting local groceries, the way that the new Ukrainian cuisine has already passed, as well as a hospitality (being hospitable is the same talent as to create music or draw pictures) and a little Podil magic, then you'll be able to create such place like Kanapka - bar.

Cozy, friendly, sophisticated, intoxicating and delicious.

It is worth to come here to the old house on Andriyivvskyi Uzviz in the morning to have a breakfast with a glass of sparkling wine, brioches and tiny croissants. This is the perfect beginning of the day. Excellent moments of the gastronomy.


It is worth to come here in the afternoon. Lunch or tea can be the best time for having canapés and long conversations. Guinea fowl pate with carrot mousse, Snyatyn foie gras with sherry mousse, buckwheat pancakes with 4 kinds of caviar, oysters with sorrel granite, farm cheeses ...That’s our lunch here which goes always with a glass of wine.


Evening is a dinner time. Meat or fish. Eel from Shatsky lakes or alternative steaks, Bessarabian snails or crayfish julienne, Ukrainian seasoned beef tartars or smoked catfish. This is a modern view at the new Ukrainian cuisine - non-trivial, exciting and inspiring.


Kanapka bar is a place inspired by the history of the urban intellectual societies and modern gastronomy, wines and interesting products. This place is devoted to hedonism, love and life full of joy and pleasure.