artistic and gastronomic space


Kyiv, Independence Square, near the gate Lyadsky
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+38 068 907 1991


from 10:00 to 24:00

Ostannya Barykada

Ostannya Barykada - is an art and gastronomic space, a meeting place of free people - new generation, born with three modern Ukrainian revolutions: Student Revolution on the Granite 1990, Orange Revolution 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity (Euromaidan) 2014.

Ostannya Barykada is a place for people who are ready to defend their values, take responsibility and change the country.

Ostannya Barykada is a new platform for the implementation of social and cultural ideas, brainstorming, development and promotion of modern values. It is our “front line” for civil society to discuss long-term strategy for the country.

Ostannya Barykada is a museum of three modern Ukrainian revolutions.

Ostannya Barykada  is 100% Ukrainian gastronomy and the first 100% Ukrainian bar.

Boritesya – poborete! Fight and win! 

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