"Barsuk": autumn menu guide

"Barsuk" is a place that can change, but no to lose its unique style.  Every season is menu is totally new, but the main ideas remain the same. It’s a place to be always delicious, welcoming, cozy. It’s about cosmopolitan cuisine and farm products, excellent breakfasts, tasty lunches and romantic dinners - we know what to expect from "Barsuk" and it knows how to surprise us.


Chef Natalie Shkulipa talks about new fall menu.

"We have always pay attention to local products. Fall starts, and of course, we begin to use a variety of mushrooms and seasonal vegetables. We make extraordinary caviar from beets, we pickle mushrooms, cook a variety of delicious vegetable dishes - like eggplant baked with cheese and pesto sauce or pumpkin soup with foie gras. Also autumn gives us large number of berry sauces. And autumn menu has its special mood - guests choose nutritious, warm dishes with accented flavors and totally different palette on a plate.  So this time for the fall menu I created at least two dozen of new dishes".


A few words about breakfast

Our breakfast menu with favorite dishes like Benedict eggs with salmon and pan with bacon and vegetables  got a new position - delicate pumpkin-zucchini pancakes with sour cream.


Cold appetizers

One of the most interesting new recipe is a salmon carpaccio with oyster sauce we prepare this way:  we mix oyster juice add fresh lemon juice, basil and olive oil. The combination is incredibly good. Roast beef with honey-mustard sauce is a popular autumn dish, like popular bruschetta with roast beef and pickles. Of course, we make homemade pickled cucumbers with herbs and produce our own sauces and jams. One more interesting dish - hot bruschetta with caramelized onion and gorgonzolaPate with chicken giblets (heart, liver, gizzards) is served with fig jam (figs, lemon juice, butter and sugar). To prepare bright beet caviar we roast beet and add fried onion and cucumber.  We buy wild mushrooms and pickle them. Can’t imagine autumn without mushrooms.



Autumn salad is a tasty mix of beef and beans, roast beef and pickles or tomatoes and mushrooms. One of our favorite salads is made of caramelized pear, gorgonzola and berry sauce based on raspberries, mustard and red wine.

Hot appetizers

This fall "Barsuk" cooks Black Sea mussels and foie gras with cranberry sauce. Sicilian caponata is made of sweet onion, eggplant, olives, capers and basil. This dish is a kind of symbol of delicious fall.



"Pike burger" is just perfect with juicy cutlet, tartar sauce, lettuce and caramelized onion.

Meat and fish

Meat dishes gets even more interesting - with bright sauces and new garnishes. We present entrecote with pepper sauce, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce and olive oil. We pickle pork tenderloin with tomato sauce with coriander and serve with Asian salad of cucumbers, cilantro and soy sauce. We cook gentle rabbit leg in egg batter and serve it with mashed potatoes. For colder nights we have stewed lamb with baked potatoes, garlic, herbs and salsa sauce. One of the most interesting dishes is a butcher’s steak. It differs from the cassical steaks, as it’s derived from the diaphragm of a steer or heifer. It is not grilled but cooked in the oven. It has more interesting texture and more expressive taste. By the way, it’s the third season "Bursuk" offers it to guests, and we are happy to see this this dish finally becomes really popular in Kyiv. Perch fillet is kind of diet food, we actually do not fry fish, but stew it in fragrant honey-lemon sauce.



Of course, pumpkin soup - is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about fall dinner. We have two delicious options - pumpkin soup with wild mushrooms and one with foie gras. Another new autumn dish is calledbograch, Transcarpathian soup with Hungarian roots. We can’t imagine it without a lot of meat, pepper, vegetables and many spices. Its fragrance awakens the appetite.


We recommend to try strudel with apples and prunes pudding. Also we cook a charity dessert – all money you’ll pay for it will be sent to the charity fund "Tabletochky."  It’s about chocolate ice cream with peach crumble.

And as always we are waiting for you every Saturday for a "Barsuk food school" lesson – we will learn how to cook the most delicious dishes. New  gastronomic season is open. Let it be spectacular.