Big lobsters and prawns festival

We’ve created RYBALOVE because of great love for gastronomy. Every day we work to develop seafood-culture in Ukraine. You came here for the first time to try oysters or exotic fish, huge crabs and lobsters and we are happy to meet you as our loyal guests now... We have created logistics chains that helped our dream come true: now we are far beyond the usual "dorado / sea bass / salmon" menu. We can offer something really special for you.

So we started with a new educational and gastronomic project: it will help you to open entirely new tastes and to feel new emotions about food.

We’ve already showed you how to cook a huge yellowfin tuna, explained the differences between the various parts of this delicious fish dish and cooked the best of them. From tartare to tuna steaks - 60 kilograms of huge fish were sold for several days. It is time for new discoveries.

What’s the difference between the Canadian lobster and a blue lobster from Brittany? Why is Spanish deep-sea Gamba Roja considered to be one of the most precious delicacies in the world? How to cook big black prawns?

Interesting questions. We’re gonna give answers for them.  

Let's start with the fact that the opening day (December, 10, 19:00) will be devoted to giants - 3-pound Canadian Jumbo lobsters. They are really huge. They had been growing for more than 10 years in the Atlantic Ocean. This product requires respect – this way it will share all the nuances of great taste with us.

Any day during the festival you can order half a Jumbo lobster with classic "Thermidor" sauce (1590 UAH), or even the whole lobster (2,980 UAH).

Blue Breton lobsters are rather interesting too (1780 UAH). They have a little less sweet, more delicate flavor.

We ​​will grill langoustines and serve them with rich pomegranate sauce (398 UAH), and whiteleg shrimps will be served with Aioli sauce (128 UAH).

Now let’s talk about extremely delicious Gamba. It’s growing several hundred meters in depth, barely moving, that’s why their “meat” in considered to be the most tender and delicatessen. Gamba roja carpaccio is very popular in Spain – this dish can show its natural taste. That's what we are going to do - we will offer you a carpaccio of white or red Gamba with a drop of olive oil and sea salt (98 UAH).

Black tiger prawns (by the way, the largest in the world) are used for the tartars with lemon sauce (138 UAH), also we’ll offer you to try grilled black prawns in wine-garlic sauce (398 UАН).

Wild Argentinean prawns will be coated with crumbs with rosemary flavor and "Tartar" sauce (158 UAH).

Here's a mosaic of flavors. We were looking for crustaceans all over the world (Canadian lobsters, French lobsters, Spanish Gamba, Argentine wild prawns...) to prove once again: seafood can surprise you in the most pleasant way. After all, sky is the limit for our desire to search for new delicacies. So stay tuned for announcements. Our great seafood-adventure has already started.