Great events at “Kanapa” salon-restaurant

Every day we work to share emotions, to give you the best gastronomic experience, a sense of comfort and joy. We try to turn your visits into great moments and we’ll help you to organize beautiful events you will remember for a long time.

Guests rather often choose “Kanapa” to celebrate birthdays, weddings or other important moments. And it is easy to understand this choice: it’s hard not to fall in love with our cuisine and the interior is also inspiring and exciting.

For example, "Bourgeois" hall is a great option for companies from 30 to 80 people. Tables can be arranged the most convenient way. Se we advise you to pay attention to this hall if you are planning a music show for your event. "Fireplace Hall" is very cozy. It’s great for 20-40 guests.

"Fireplace Hall" is very cozy. It’s great for 20-45 guests.

Of course, we can arrange banquet for 100-150 people at any hall - with refreshments, bar and Ukrainian gastronomic specialties.

"Kanapa" menu includes traditional dishes and new Ukrainian cuisine with molecular experiments and incredible presentations as well. If you organize banquet we recommend you to pay attention to caviar bar, Galicia and Transcarpathian farmer cheese palette, liver pate with guinea fowl and pheasant, hare with molecular horseradish, potato cutlet with fried veal brain, dumplings (black - with perch and smoked salo, classic - with hare, steamed - with cherries), grilled catfish and the duck breast with sauce of wine and cherries ... And also we’ll offer a lot of desserts, homemade lemonades, infusions and fine wines from our Ukrainian Collection.

In-addition, our art manager will always help you choose the musical performance to make your event really incredible. Optionally you can order special floral design for the hall and tables.

So, "Kanapa" always welcomes guests. If you choose “Kanapa” to share important event of your life with us, we will make your dream about the beat day of your life cone true.