Lobster Brunch in Ronin

Developing tradition of family brunches in RONIN this Sunday we prepare and serve dozens of delicious dishes and drinks - without any limets. 
Prica: 799 UAH per one person (children under 6 - free of charge, 6-12 years old - 399 UAN).
Children - free play area of ​​children's creative space BabyRock.

When: October, 23, from 12.00 to 15.00
Where: RONIN, zoological, 10
Highly recommend to book a table: 068 713 1414

Brunch Menu:
Nikkei-roll with lobster claws
Chaohu rice with lobster and pork ribs
Noodles with lobster
Ceviche with sea bass
Tiradito with sea bass, truffle salsa and Ponzu jelly 
Tostaditos with a tomatoes, shallot, cilantro
Nasu-miso eggplant with caramelized den miso 
Creamy corn soup
Nikkei causas: chicken thighs with den miso, truffle sauce and mashed potatoes
Nikkei sushi: salmon, avocado, unagi sauce and red caviar / warm beef tenderloin with quail egg / eel with foie gras
Nikkei rolls: sweet potatoes with crab, avocado and tobiko sauce / roll with salmon and Philadelphia / rolls with salmon / sea bass / tuna etc
Brut, Chardonnay and Merlot
Homemade lemonade