Unlimited breakfast in the "Barsuk"

Barsuk  invites you to visit unlimited breakfasts - with oysters, wine, coffee, fresh pastries and several dozens of delicious dishes.
Fixed price: 98 UAH.
When: 5 - 8 March, every day - from 9 to 13:00.
Book a table cuz it's gonna be rather hectic time: 050 386 3629
- oysters Mushlya Fayna
- baked beetroot baked with cheese and basil
- zucchini with parmesan
- grilled vegetables
- marinated peppers with honey
- sprats,herring and mackerel
- bruschetta
- homemade sausages
- Ukrainian farmer cheese
- mushroom pate
- babahanush
- tzatziki
- perlotto with chicken
- many side dishes
- freshly baked tarts, charlotte with berries, rolls with poppy seeds, bread
- pancakes with various fillings
- bevereges: sparkling, white and red wine, coffee,juice, cocoa and tea.
You can  also order extra spicy shakshuku, eggs Benedict and other perfect dishes for morning.