White Carpathian truffle season!

White Carpathian truffle festival started in Kanapa restaurant-salon. There are five meals with this rare delicious mushroom.

There are dozens of kinds of truffles, but only nine have gastronomic value. Four kinds (Carpathian summer, Carpathian winter, black French and white Piedmont) groe in Ukraine. The largest “sources” of truffle were found in Transcarpathia, but it can also be found in Vinnitsa region and Kyiv Region.

Lately ukrainians have been growing truffles themselves. Besides, white truffle is much more capricious, than the black one. But its flavor and taste is much stronger, so it is more expensive.

Currently we have a short, but bright season of summer white Carpathian truffle and Kanapa invites you to enjoy the “Kitchen diamond”, as the French cook Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin called it.

First try Ukrainian Foie gras, marinated in white wine with apple kvas jelly, apple-poppy jam, toasted fancy bread and truffle (129₴).

Varenyky with potatoes and mushrooms, farmer sour cream and white truffle (89₴)

Hrechotto with smoked duck and truffle (159₴)

Fried egg with mushroom saute and Carpathian truffle (98₴)

And for dessert - Ice-cream with fois gras and white truffle (49₴).

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