Winter menu in "Barsuk"

It is a time for family parties and meetings up with friends. When the city plunges into winter, we begin to appreciate cozy places full of warm flavors and bright aromas, pleasant memories and joyful expectation of new events. "Barsuk" is one of them. Our new winter menu is as always a bit cosmopolitan and really tasty. 100% winter mood hits - from spicy bruschetta, ice cream with herring and salads to warm creamy risotto with seafood and stewed in wine beef with oyster sauce and dried apricots.

Now let’s talk about each of the new positions in winter menu.

If you are looking for the combination of "light meal + rich taste" pay attention to bruschetta with smoked chicken (tender chicken breast rolls stuffed with tomatoes, chili, coriander and vinaigrette) and bruschetta with mackerel mousse(gentle blend of smoked mackerel with soft cheese, sour cream, horseradish and romaine lettuce).

More interesting dishes: marinated in mustard duck carpaccio with aromatic sauce (honey, mustard, fresh lemon juice) or salmon terrine - a traditional French meal, good combination of delicate fish mousse, fresh lemon juice, basil and oyster sauce.

Favorite ice cream with herring and crab meat is still here. Cooking technology is a secret, but you can trust us: it's just one of those dishes to be really impressive. Perfect simplicity. One of our best gastronomic victories.

Liver cake is cooked with chicken liver, onions, carrots and homemade mayonnaise. Simply delicious. Just as it should be.

We’ve expanded collection of winter salads: now we serve new salad with spicy beef, potatoes, pickles and sauce on homemade mayonnaise and Dijon mustard and salad with smoked chicken (the first layer - carrots in vinaigrette with coriander and chili, the second one - fresh cucumbers and sauce, the third one - pieces of delicious smoked chicken, sauce and sesame).

Grilled vegetables are cooked with ginger- apple sauce.

Following our tradition and developing global offal trend we cook delicious julienne of chicken hearts, onions and cream. It can be served with potato pancakes or couscous.

As always, at "Barsuk" you can order your favorite pike burgerbig burger with steak and a  great collection of meat dishes.

With a great love we are stewing veal in wine to serve it with pieces of dried apricots, blue onion and oyster sauce. Such a lovely balance of flavors and textures. Rabbit with cream sauce and crispy potato croquettes is perfect also.

Rainbow trout fillet dressed with vinaigrette and pork tenderloin with grilled vegetables are also worth your attention.

Difficult choice: spaghetti with tomato julienne with mushrooms or creamy risotto with mussels and shrimp? As well, you can just come with friends and try more new flavors.

And when the main course is completed, it's time for homemade fruit teas, mulled wine and winter desserts. Just imagine: you take delicious crisp with lemon сurd made of natural fresh lemon juice, egg yolks and sugar, and for a moment you think only about the taste of this crunchy pleasure ... And if you feel that you've already tasted the best marshmallow in your life, we recommend you to try it in "Barsuk". We serve homemade marshmallow with crumbs and jam with plums, apples, cranberries, fresh lemon juice and cinnamon.

Let winter be cozy and tasty, generous embrace and unexpected joy, meeting with friends and parties that only want to remember with a smile.