Kyiv, 10b Vozdvyzhenska str.
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Kyiv, Bessarabia Square, 7


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Sweet lovers belong here, as the Odesa feast is such a great joy! Firstly - for crayfish. Many-many crayfish. Who could compare lobsters to these delicacies?

Secondly - mussels in wine sauce. Cauldrons of them!

Besides that - fresh fish in a lovely dish. Flounder, sargan, gobies, rams ...

We’ve also got different Odesa snacks, “mom’s” salads and Bessarabian meat dishes - that’s how it works.

Order it all on the first floor - in the "intelligent pub" or on the second floor - in Odesa restaurant.

Eat well and drink well, and only in good company!



Cork fee

for wine 148 UAH per bottle 0.75 ml

Kids friendly


Always happy to see guests with kids. We have baby high chairs for the youngest ones.


Pets friendly


All restaurants of the Family are pets friendly. We gladly meet guests with four-legged friends.

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  • Liubchyk on Vozdvyzhenka
    129 UAH
    Lunch time: 12:00 - 16:00
    Liubchyk on Vozdvyzhenka
    Monday 16.09

    1 Red borsch

    2 Homemade lard

    3 Dumplings

    4 Bread basket

    5 Uzvar

    Tuesday 17.09

    1 Chicken stock with giblets

    2 Chicken pate

    3 Turkey cutlets

    4 Bread basket

    5 Hibiscus tea

    Wednesday, 18.09

    1 Mushroom cream soup

    2 Pork BBQ with corn

    3 Baked peppers with feta cheese

    4 Bread basket

    5 Berry compote

    Thursday, 19.09

    1 Kharcho Soup

    2 Lamb lula kebab

    3 Tomato salad with bazaar feta cheese

    4 Bread basket

    5 Citrus Lemonade


    Friday, 20.09

    1 Green borsch

    2 Beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes

    3 Radish salad with egg

    4 Bread basket

    5 Cream Soda
  • Liubchyk on Bessarabka
    129 UAH
    Lunch time: 12:00 - 16:00
    Liubchyk on Bessarabka
    Monday 16.09
    Chicken broth with noodles
    Salad with radish and egg
    Chicken Lula-kebab
    Bread basket
    Berry compote

    Tuesday 17.09
    Ukrainian borsch
    Vegetable salad with homemade oil
    Roasted potatoes with fried mushrooms
    Bread basket

    Wednesday 18.09
    Chicken broth with noodles and chicken
    Tomato and Brynza Salad
    Chicken meatballs with vegetable stew
    Bread basket
    Berry compote

    Thursday 19.09
    Fish soup
    Tomato salad
    Turkey cutlets with mashed potatoes
    Bread basket

    Friday 20.09
    Green borsch
    Salad with radish and egg
    Baked eggplant with meat sauce
    Bread basket
    Berry compote




Kyiv, Vozdvyzhenska str. 10B 
+38 050 390 6131

Kyiv, Bessarabia Square, 7
+38 098 356 86 86

We work from 10:00 till 23:00