Japanese-peruvian cuisine (Nikkei) restaurant


M. Kyiv, str. Zoologichna 10
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+ 38 068 713 1414


From 11:00 to 23:00


This is the first Ukrainian restaurant of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine (Nikkei). Its concept is based on local products, Japanese and South American cooking technologies and really explosive flavors. It’s all about food of Japanese immigrants in Peru, who created a new popular gastronomic tradition called Nikkei.

In RONIN you can try ceviche (fresh citrus-marinated fish and seafood with tropical sauce), "tostado" with fish and meat, “causa” (potato terrine with meat or fish and exotic sauces), "anticucho", Peruvian style sushi and rolls, delicious and healthy raw superfood desserts without oil, flour or sugar.

RONIN is one of the largest and most technologically advanced restaurants in Kyiv. Large parking, two floors, 4 summer terraces, several halls accommodating 450 guests. It’s an ideal place for family picnics and celebration of important events.

There are 6 aquariums for oysters and lobsters. Special showcase with ice guarantees freshness of exotic fish. Dry aging beef equipment is a necessary technology for perfect juicy steaks and other beef dishes.

Open kitchen and a contact bar is the way we show you can really trust us, teppan grills are a part of gastronomic show and  a tribute to authentic culinary traditions.

We have a great collection of Japanese whiskey, cocktails based on Pisco - Peruvian grape vodka, fine wine, TWG tea, fresh roasted coffee (including superfood coffee with almond and coconut milk).

And while the adults relax and have a good time, children can play, learn and discover something new at Babyrock - place created for children's entertainment.

New Year Food Show: unlimited meat, lobsters and fiery teppans in RONIN

This party is going to be hot.
The gastronomic formula is amazing.
Fire show with WOK lobsters. Anticucho (it's like scewers, only better) - without restrictions. Beef. Chicken. Dorado. Order as much as you want - and we'll cook them instantly on a flat Japanese grill.
Do you know how teppanyaki masters work? Fast and accurate movements of the chef hipnotize  the audience as products acquire new properties within seconds.
That's just some of what will be.
Sparkling wine without restrictions. Live music and dancing. Peking duck and ceviche.
Entertainment for children, surprises for adults. And, of course, dreams coming true.
Let’s, celebrate together, shall we?

Ticket cost
UAH 2900 – full ticket
UAH 1450 – for kids from six to 12
Free  - for kids under 6


Nikkei style picnics

It’s no necessary to go to the country looking for a comfortable garden and picnics with plaids. You can just as well find it in 20 minutes ride from the city center! Lobster with den miso sauce and lobster rolls, kebabs of king prawns, tuna sevice, oysters, sparkling wine - and many more Nikkei favorites on one of RONIN's four summer terraces. For children we’ve got a playground and Babyrock creative space . For adults just relaxation and coziness every day!


Halls for banquets, receptions, family and corporate holidays


RONIN accomodates up to 450 guests at a time.


Cork fee

for wine 148 UAH per bottle 0.75 ml


Kids friendly


Always happy to see guests with kids. We have baby high chairs for the youngest ones.



Ramp, adapted bathroom, openings for standard wheelchair - 65 cm.


Pets friendly


All restaurants of the Family are pets friendly. We gladly meet guests with four-legged friends.

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    149 UAH
    Lunch time: 12:00-16:00
    Monday 2.12
    Udon soup
    Beef tacos

    Tuesday 3.12
    Salmon roll
    Beef medallions with Wok Vegetables
    Citrus lemonade

    Wednesday 4.12
    Pumpkin soup with shrimp
    Noodles with chicken and vegetables
    Mango lemonade

    Thursday 5.12
    Miso soup
    Salmon fillet with spinach puree
    Mango raspberry lemonade

    Friday 6.12
    Tuna roll
    Beef cheeks with mashed potato cream
    Ginger lemonade


ADDRESS: M. Kyiv, str. Zoologichna 10

Contacts: + 38 068 713 1414

Open from 11:00 to 23:00