Our four years of experience in the restaurant market and more than a dozen successful and well-known projects in the country, gives us an opportunity and confidence to share case studies, working business models and our secret tools and recipes.

In other words, we provide consulting in creating of new and unique restaurant concepts.
A special working group led by Dima Borisov develops the idea of ​the place and leads this project up to the opening, assisting in business processes and marketing.

Also we have five concepts of franchising business:
First in Ukraine Crab House and Seafood Crab’s Burger Bar
Restaurant of the sea cuisine and shellfish Bar Mushly
Children gastrocafe BabyRock
Meat restaurant Churrasco Bar
Cafe Chiken Kyiv

For more information, conditions, portfolio of franchises and consulting projects, please contact Natalie Ignatyuk, the director of franchising: