Gastrofamily application: even more gifts!

Friends, we have updated and restarted the GASTROFAMILY application. What's changed?
1. The accumulation of points: you get 5 gastrocoins for every 100 UAH in your bill.
2. The payment system: cost of dishes in gastrocoins is the same as in UAH.
3. Now you can pay with gastrocoins for more than 300 dishes in our Gastrofamily restaurants.
4. GASTROFAMILY application is valid in Vatra, Kanapa (Kyiv), Kanapa (Warsaw), Bessarabia, Barsuk, Ostannya Barykada, Kanapka Bar, Chicken Kyiv, Ronin, Oxota na Ovets, Crabs' Burger / Rybalove and Lyubchyk.
5. All your points become gastrocoins at the rate of 1:1
6. You can use it right now!

Upload the GASTROFAMILY application and exchange gastrocoins to dishes in any of the GastroFamily restaurants.

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