How many shrimp do you need to be happy? Let's find out once and for all at the Shrimp Festival, which will last until the end of September in Rybalove.

The idea is simple and exciting: you choose from seven types of shrimp at the festival showcase, and we cook them the way you like.

1. White legged shrimps

The first ones are well known white-legged shrimp from the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean. We love them for their elasticity, clear texture and the way they easily get integrated into any dish on a fusion wave.

2. Tiger shrimps

Striped beauties, tiger prawns from the Indian Ocean. They are known for their high protein content, which immediately gives +100 to the umami taste. It is that very same protein note that gastroexperts tend to find in seafood and algae. It’s the cornerstone of Asian cuisine. Our love for the umami is simple to explain: nature has made humanity sensitive to high protein markers so that we’d eat healthy. Don’t argue with nature, do - pay attention to tiger shrimps.

3. Blue shrimps

Blue shrimps come from France. A few years ago, in Paris, in the kitchens of several famous chefs, a product, almost completely unknown in the West - blue shrimp or Litopenaeus stylirostris - began to appear. These shrimp have a rare, stunning blue shade thanks to plankton feeding from the turquoise waters of New Caledonia.
The water there is extremely clean and so cool that you can only farm seven or eight months a year.
Together with the French Ministry of Agriculture, SOPAC has developed a number of quality criteria for each farmer: growing shrimp is given five times more space, and antibiotics and growth promoters are banned - at that point one could lose the license.

So French farmers grow true blue bloods and rely on exclusivity and special taste, where perfectly natural and harmoniously sweet notes combine with salty one.

4. Black tiger shrimps

Black Tiger prawns come from warm-water farms in Mediterranean Spain. In the wild, these shrimps are difficult to find. They were made artificially from the tiger breed. And immediately the new species exceeded the wildest expectations of farmers - shrimp began to grow steadily! The largest "tigers" can have a kilogram weight. Just imagine such a shrimp!
They are close to the tiger family: gentle taste, lots of protein and pleasant texture - they’re ideal in a crisp version with a glass of cold sparkling wine.

5. Langoustines

Big players appear on track. Langoustines! Aka scampi, aka Dublin shrimp. Norwegian lobsters - yeah, it’s them too. The affinity of scampi with lobsters is no wonder. Only their taste is much more saturated, and the meat is surprisingly juicy. They can also replace several shelves with dietary supplements. They include salts of potassium, calcium, zinc, selenium, iron, iodine. This is a great product for those who follow a low carb diet. Chardonnay floral variations are great for langoustine salad. And if you choose the grilled version, Riesling should make a great pair.

6. Carabineros

The Carabineros Shrimp are the red cardinals of the underwater world who live kilometers deep and love the oceans. In captivity, they refuse to grow. And fish have to chase them into the Alboran Sea and across the Atlantic coast of Portugal. The biggest (up to 30cm) and reddest Carabineros representatives will be at the festival at Rybalove.

In Spain, they are treated as small lobsters - carefully baked on the grill to preserve all shades of taste with addition of nothing but melted butter and salt.

Of course, we would still recomend to add a glass of Cava Jaume Serra Rosato.

7. Giant Malaysian shrimps

Surprisingly, the biggest shrimp of the festival is difficult to call seafood, because they grow in fresh water! We are talking about fleshy Malaysian shrimp, which grow to 35 cm and easily compete with lobsters in the beauty of being plated and saturation of taste. You can build a great meal around one such shrimp. And couple of those will be the main characters in a romantic evening. Try it!

So, tune the taste buds to the sea and choose the shrimp of your heart.

You will only have to pay for the weight.

We want you to try all these shrimp so badly, that we cook everything for free and serve it to your dinner. Or breakfast, if you decide to start the morning as the heroes of Remark novels.

royal whites - 89 UAH
tiger prawns - 189 UAH
black tiger prawns - 369 UAH
blue shrimp - 369 UAH
Langustin (Norwegian lobster) - 298 UAH
carabineros - 398 UAH
giant Malaysian freshwater shrimp - 239 UAH

The price is for 100 grams

And if you don't want to pick, but want more, more shrimp, take a big plateau for the whole company! 7 types of grilled shrimp with avocado grill and aioli & sweet chili sauce - for 1898 UAH

Our chefs have picked up a special pool of dishes for your chosen shrimp. Choose how to prepare them:

Corn salad with arugula, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms and asparagus.
Thai style soup with rice noodles.
Tempura shrimp with french fries.
Warm toast with avocado, tomatoes in aioli sauce and tobiko caviar.
Thai style vegetables with spinach and shiitake mushrooms in pepper sauce.
Grilled shrimp or steamed with aioli & sweet-chili sauce

The festival continues, the prawns are waiting. All you need to do is to book a table and choose those with whom you want to share the taste of the world seas and oceans!

Book a table: +38 097 121 3131, Vozdvyzhenska street, 21-23