Breakfasts in Kyiv: GASTROFAMILY guide

Ранок не обов’язково має бути похмурим і непривітним. Особливо в Києві. Тут ранкові належить радіти – rise and shine, що називається! Чому? Ну хоча б тому, що київські ресторани частують такими сніданками… Такими… Давайте поглянемо ближче.

Set breakfasts in Chicken Kyiv

Why not start your morning with sparkling wine on Khreshchatyk? Yes, it is very aristocratic, and sparkling wine is only the beginning.
Step 1. First you will be presented with a set of spreads with freshly baked bread (butter, chicken pate, herring caviar) and a glass of wine, tea or coffee.

Step 2. And then - the main course of your choice:
Poached eggs with salmon
Waffles with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese sauce
Avocado toast
Omelette with cheese, tomatoes and arugula
Chicken club sandwich with chicken and bacon
Waffles with light cream and fruit.
Shakshuka with tahini and herbs
Granola with yogurt, jam and fruit.
Cheesecakes with honey and sour cream
Oatmeal with milk or water

Price: 129 UAH
When: daily from 8:00 till 12:00 (on weekends from 9:00 till 13:00)
Where: Chicken Kyiv, 15/7 Khreshchatyk
Book a table: +38 (050) 405 405 5


And not just about delicious food – there’s also an impressive cultural program. Twice a month, Chicken Kyiv hosts breakfast with Kyiv guides: yes, enjoying your poached eggs and  sparkling wine you can also listen to an interesting lecture about gastronomic symbols of Kyiv or the history of Kyiv restaurants)
You can find the schedule and tickets for such meetings at:



Large Odesa breakfast in Lyubchyk

Everything we love is here: a full table of goodies, like ones grandmother used to cook in a summer kitchen.

Step 1. A glass of wine (coffee or tea is also at your service).
Step 2. Set of spreads - dzadziki, pate, jam, butter and hummus.
Step 3. Main course to choose from - from Benedict eggs to lazy dumplings (you can add some chicken, bacon or mozzarella to any dish):

Poached eggs with salmon
Benya’s mom's eggs with crispy bacon and salad
Scrambled eggs or omelette with fresh herb salad
Granola with Greek yogurt
Oatmeal with jam or honey (cooked in milk or water)
Lazy dumplings
Cottage cheese pancakes with honey and sour cream

Price: 129 UAH
When: daily from 9:00 till 12:00 
Where: Любчик (on Vozdvyzhenka or Bessarabka)
10Б Vozdvyzhenska st., +38 (050) 390 61 31
7 Bessarabska sq., +38 (098) 356 86 86


Tropical brtakfasts in Oxota na Ovets

And now - something exotic. It would be great to wake up in a chalet somewhere in Thailand or Bali right now, wouldn't it? It can be organized in Kiev!
What do you think of papaya with tropical fruits?

Poached eggs baked in half avocado
Shiitake and avocado grill omelette
Benedict eggs with tomato and parmesan
Melt sandwich with roast beef
Toast with tuna and guacamole
Waffles with chocolate paste and passion fruit
Bowl with tropical fruits and acai berries
Papaya with tropical fruits

Prices: from 129 UAH
When: daily from 10:00 till 12:00
Where: Oxota na Ovets, 10Б Vozdvyzhenska st.
Book a table: +38 067 406 41 56

And every Sunday Oxota na Ovets arranges oyster brunches. From 10:00 to 13:00 help yourselves to an oyster bar without restrictions, and waiters endlessly pour rose into beautiful glasses. The unlimited brunch costs 498 UAH.
Lifehack: Oyster brunch is a great start of your birthday or other holiday. Invite friends and family to unlimited oysters and rose - they will love it!


Breakfasts in Barsuk - all day long

Barsuk is a place you can come to in your home slippers at 4pm and order poached eggs and a cup of cappuccino. In 15 minutes you will have breakfast - because here breakfasts are served all day long.

Ideal poached eggs on toast:
with perfectly salted salmon, ripe avocado and hollandaise sauce
with fragrant grilled chicken, zucchini and hollandaise sauce
Spicy shakshuka with fresh cilantro, like in Tel Aviv
Omelette / scrambled eggs of three eggs
Sweet oatmeal with roasted pumpkin, pear and almond flakes (cooked in milk or water)
Oatmeal with Parmesan cheese
Cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream and berry sauce
Lazy dumplings with sour cream and honey

Prices from 69 UAH!
And this is in Pechersk.


Keywords - "for two". Yes, it's a great breakfast. Weigh everything on the scales of gastronomic happiness. There are two snack sets to choose from. The first one is meat: roast beef, pate, hummus, roasted eggplant caviar, adzhika, freshly baked ciabatta and butter. The second is salmon gravlax and forshmak plus again hummus, caviar, adzhika, bread, butter.
Besides that - two servings of poached eggs with chicken or salmon. Two servings of dessert – cottage cheese pancakes or lazy dumplings.
After all, wine and coffee for two. All for 599 UAH.

When: all day long, from 8.00 till 24.00 (weekends - from 9.00, Monday - from 10.00)
Where: Barsuk,  3А Yevhena Hutsala lane
Book a table: +38 (050) 386-36-29