Pet Friendly Breakfast at Chicken Kyiv

Come for updated breakfasts at Chicken Kyiv on February 1-2 - and help the four-legged Happy Paw wards!

It's no secret that Chicken Kyiv restaurant, like the entire Dmytro Borysov Restaurant Family, is pets friendly 365 days a year: we are always happy to welcome guests with pets.

We thought it would be nice to remind of a great Pet Friendly Breakfast! On February 1-2, we will introduce you to the updated Chicken Kyiv Breakfasts and transfer all the profit to the Happy Paw Foundation to help homeless animals.

Updated breakfasts

The legendary breakfast at Chicken Kyiv is no wonder. Kyiv foodies are already used to their favorite spreads, poached eggs and a glass of brut in the morning. But it turns out Chicken Kyiv still has something to surprise. How about a new gourmet breakfasts?
This is the perfect start to the day - a bar with spreads, a glass of wine (or tea or coffee) and a favorite main course to choose from. And all for 129 hryvna. Favorite poached eggs with salmon, spicy shakshuka, avocado toast are still there. But there’s something new and intriguing.

For example, a chicken club sandwich with bacon. Normally, a club sandwich is a closed sandwich with chicken, bacon, tomatoes, salad and sauce.
Most likely, it was created at the Union Club of New York City. According to another version, the sandwich originated at the Saratoga Springs Gambling Club - also in New York. Have you noticed - most cult sandwiches were invented in New York?

But Kyiv also has a lot to offer. The local club sandwich has a lot of melted cheese that flows from the slices of toasted bread, juicy chicken and - smoked bacon. For such a breakfast it’s worth while travelling from Manhattan to the square on Gorodetsky st. 109 UAH in Chicken Kyiv.

Another pleasant surprise: waffles with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese sauce (UAH 109). Imagine: soft Belgian waffles, delicate scrambled eggs and contrasting toasted bacon. And the cheese sauce finally gets the flavor balance together. Fine and nutritious breakfast! Salty topping wafers are one of the important gastronomic trends in general. No wonder Apple even added special emoji with waffles to the new iOS.

And more about waffles. Classic lovers will appreciate the traditional version with light cream and fruit (99 UAH). Coupled with a glass it’s elegant and festive. After all, starting a day with something sweet is a good sign.

After all, here are a few more unchanging traditions. Omelet with cheese tomatoes and arugula. You've already noticed the French accent in Chicken Kyiv's new breakfasts. So omelette au fromage looks at least logical in the menu.

What's next? Let’s wait until morning and have breakfast! Order breakfast set for 129 UAH or any of the dishes separately.
And don't forget to bring your pets with you. Chicken Kyiv is exceptionally pets friendly. Greyhounds, falcons, unicorns – all of them are welcome!


Helping is easy!

A great breakfast at Khreshchatyk in the company of your pet is wonderful. You can also help some less fortunate animals: all profit from Pet Friendly Breakfast in Chicken Kyiv are donated to Happy Paw to help homeless animals.

And you can also take care of a cat or dog on Happy Paw - and thus save another four-legged friend.


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