Alfa Jazz Fest

In late June, Lviv is all about jazz fever.  Alfa Jazz Fest starts. It’s a great international event that gathers jazz fans from all over Europe. This year Dima Borisov’s gastrofamily is a gastronomic partner of Alfa Jazz Fest.

All day long Bar Mushly invites guests to try cool sparkling wine, wonderful fresh oysters, sea snails and scallops, sandwich rolls with seafood and other seafood dishes. Here you can always choose a lobster or a crab, shrimp ceviche or caviar. For the big company it will offer a seafood plateau. Location: Market Square, 35. Just next to one of the main stage of the festival.

On Saturday in the park-hotel "Drevny Grad" restaurant of new Ukrainian cuisine "Kanapa" will offer canapés  with goose tongues, mini burgers with bacon, gherkins and molecular horseradish, salad with cheese mousse and beet meringue, potato cutlets with veal brain, steamed dumplings. One of the most interesting idea for the event – cold soup okroshka served in a huge ice bowl.

On Sunday Bar Mushly invites press and guests of honor to have an oyster breakfast.

Even more, Dima Borisov’s gastrofamily will be a partner of the wonderful event, organized by VOGUE - Public Talk with Masha Tsukanova and Masha Efrosinina and Yulia Pelipas lecture about street-style. Bar Mushly will cook oysters, clams, bulots, shrimp dishes and light spring rolls. "Kanapa" will offer special dessert treat - salo in chocolate.

See you in Lviv, at Alfa Jazz Fest!