The most stunning weekend plan: go to brunch without restrictions! Every weekend is a holiday: unlimited oysters, wine and dozens of flat-rate meals. And also - an occasion to see your family and friends and have a great time: there’s enough delicacies and wine for everyone!
So, let's see where to plan the weekend:

Unlimited seafood brunch at RONIN

When: Every Sunday from 12: 00-15: 00

Cost: UAH 690 for adults, UAH 299 for children 6-12 years, for children up to 6 years free of charge

Oysters, rolls, grilled seafood and wine - no limits! Upholstered chairs and chairs. Kids play with an animator from BabyRock.
Have you imagined? See you at the Zoological;)

Brunch menu:

- Oysters
- Grape snails
- Philadelphia rolls with grilled salmon
- Philadelphia Salmon Roles
- California rolls with spicy tuna
- Salad with shrimps and vegetables
- Greek salad
- Ceviche with dorado
- Salmon toastaditas
- Toastaditas beef tartare
- Anti-chicken chicken
- Mussels in wine sauce
- Beef burger
- Nasu-miso eggplant
- Shrimp miso soup
- Rice with WOK vegetables
- Biscuit with yogurt cream
- Profiteroles
- Brutus
- White wine
- The wine is red
- Berry fruit
- Grog

You can leave your kids under the care of babysitters at BabyRock for free.
The car can be left in our parking lot.

Bring your pets with you to run around the grass and be a local star)

Rybalove Mediterranean Brunch: Lobsters, Shrimps, Cava

When: Every Sunday from 12: 00-15: 00

The cost of brunch is 690 UAH.
For children 6-12 years - 299 UAH, for children up to 6 years - free.

Each guest gets half a lobster in black pepper sauce with corn and four large Argentinian grilled shrimps.
Also - unlimited oysters, lots of snacks, mussels, sea fish and lots of wine!
Sunday brunch at Rybalove, the sea is getting closer: here's the Cava and the grilled fresh seafood. All there’s left - is to gather family and friends around one table - and have some wine!
The kids are not bored either: we have a burger master class, fun animator games, and a melon smoothie magic machine.
Don't leave your pets at home - celebrate the weekend together: we are always 100% pets friendly.
See you at the Exaltation!

And here is the Mediterranean brunch menu (subject to change):

- Oysters
- Mussels in cream sauce
- Sea bass grill
- Dorado grill
- Surmullet grill
- Risotto with tiger prawns in tomato sauce
- Fritto misto with vegetables, shrimp and squid
- Seafood saute
- Caesar salad with tiger prawns
- Norwegian herring on dark bread
- Mushroom cream soup
- Bruschetta with roasted peppers and feta cheese
- Avocado bruschetta
- Bruschetta with salmon in Philadelphia sauce
- Bruschetta with eggplant caviar
- Bruschetta with cod liver and egg white
- Greek salad with olives
- French fries with cheese sauce
- Freshly baked croissants
- Pear jam
- Nutella
- Honey
- Belgian waffles
- Berries
- Grapes
- Persimmon
- Mandarins
- Bellini Cocktail
- Sparkling Prosecco
- Wine Santa Orsola white
- Wine Santa Orsola red
- Beer white unfiltered
- Sweet drinks
- Berry compote

For children:
- Melon smoothie;
- Burger Surf & Turf
To make the little ones sad, we invited animators from Baby Rock and prepared a workshop for cooking burgers.

The cost of brunch is 690 UAH.
For children 6-12 years - 299 UAH, for children up to 6 years - free.

Where: Vozdvizhenska, 21-23
When: Every Sunday, 12: 00-15: 00
Book a table: +38 097 121 3131

Large tropical breakfast at Oxota na Ovets

When: Every Sunday at 10: 00-13: 00

Cost: 398 UAH

Unlimited oysters, a variety of tapas, freshly baked waffles and pancakes, tender salmon pie, as much fresh fruit and berries as you like at breakfast in Oxota na Ovets. Snacks and wine are available without restriction.

Approximate menu (subject to change):

- Oysters with lemon
- Guacamole with nachos
- Tarama salad with rice chips
- Pankeys
- Freshly baked waffles
- Peanut and chocolate paste
- Meat mussels with tomato salsa
- Toastaditos with chili-garlic sauce
- Tapas with smoked tomato and Philadelphia
- Tapas with roast beef
- Bao buns with pork or shrimp
- Turkey croquettes in black sesame
- Tropical fruits

Main course to choose from:
- Poached eggs baked in half avocados
- Grilled shiitake omelette
- Benedict eggs with tomato and parmesan
- Melt with roast beef
- Toast with tuna and guacamole
- Waffles with chocolate paste and passion fruit
- Bowl with tropical fruits and acai berries
- Papaya with tropical fruits

Address: Vozdvizhenskaya, 10B
Book a table: +38 067 406 4156

When: Every Sunday, 12: 00-15: 00
Where: RONIN Restaurant at Zoological, 10
Cost: UAH 690 for adults, UAH 299 for children 6-12 years, for children up to 6 years free of charge
Reservation: +38 068 713 14 14