Bao burger menu in Crab's Burger

10 years ago brilliant David Chang created a dish that has become a legend - Momofuku pork bun. At first glance, it’s a very simple dish, but the combination of gentle steam buns, pork and vegetables was incredible. Momofuku success inspired us to start our own culinary experiments. Dima Borisov Gastrofamily had its own way to create bao burger menu. Two years ago the first white burgers appeared in Oxota na Ovets and lobster set and white mini burgers had an impressive success. White steam bun with green tea and lavender became popular not only in Kiev but also in Valencia and Barcelona. Last summer albino burgers rocked at Crab's Burger Open Airs and Crab's Burger in Kiev and Odessa included them into the menu. Summer 2015 was devoted to achieving the ideal balance of taste and texture,  creating new sauces and exploring new culinary technologies. Three months of searching, hard work and art and now we are ready to start our bao-burger menu.

Bao pork

We roast pork ribs in wok, simmer in Black Pepper sauce, pickle it for 3 hours, then 4 hours of sous vide, then we simmer it with teriyaki sauce and ginger juice. We add kimchi, vegetables and cilantro.

Price: 149 UAH


Bao duck

Duck confit is fried in hoisin sauce. Then we put products, which are usually served with Peking Duck - lettuce, vegetables and fried onion.

Price: 149 UAH

Bao lamb

For this burger we salt lamd, add lemon grass, kimchi and  kaffir-lime leaves and fry it with vegetables, then we bake lamb for 4 hours in milk.

Price: 149 UAH

Bao shrimp

Prawns in Japanese crumbs are fried to crisp. Bao is filled with shrimps, kimchi  and teriyaki sauce.

Price: 149 UAH


Bao cheese

Indian paneer cheese is fried in Japanese crumbs. Bao is filled with crispy paneer, vegetables, tuna, teriyaki sauce and  homemade mayonnaise.

Price: 149 UAH