Black Sea seafood in RYBALOVE

Educational gastronomic events in RYBALOVE never end: this time we try to rediscover Ukrainian seafood and to find something interesting and exotic quite near - in the Black Sea. Our chef, Dalibor Milenkovych, prepares fresh Danube herring seviche and tartare, discover how delicious Black Sea fish (turbot, garfish andtoad goby) can be, offers to try  Serbian style rapana stew, Odessa style pike caviar and Ukrainian oysters Mushlya Special'na.


Danube herring

That's it, "Dunayka" (Danube herring), Odessa market-winner, the best fish in spring ... juicy, spicy, delicious – just perfect with rye bread, new potatoes with garlic and dill and icy glass of strong drink. That’s the way we serve it in RYBALOVE. But we can offer much more interesting.

For example, if we cut fresh Danube herring, add mustard, sesame oil and hot pepper - we get a perfect  tartare to be served with delicate avocado gaucamole.

Another non-trivial combination: Danube herring and Peruvian style of marinating fish. We marinate it in a sauce made of four different citrus, add hot peppers and coriander and get the perfect ceviche - fresh and light universal dish.

And of course, we make grilled Danube herring and serve it with boiled or fried potatoes, young garlic and chopped dill.


Turbot, garfish and toad goby

Garfish is a fish with elongated body and "pterodactyl beak". And it is really delicious. And it lives in the Black Sea. We just had to include it in our Black sea menu. We fry garfish to crisp and serve it with a salad of soft sheep cheese, eggs and garlic.

“Kalkan” is a Black Sea turbot – actually, one of the biggest in the world. And it’s kind of our specialties. We cook it the way fishers for centuries cooked: we roast juicy steak of Black Sea turbot with potatoes and vegetables.

Toad goby is like a great part of Ukrainian gastronomic traditions. In RYBALOVE we fry it in corn-wheat crumbs and serve with garlic sauce and light salad with radish, green onion, eggs and sour cream.


Ukrainian Style Caviar & Oyster bar

Ukraine has its own way to serve oysters and caviar. We offer Odessa style pike caviar mousse with sweet onion served with rye bread or pancakes. Ana also we offer Ukrainian oyster Mushlya Special'na with light sauces.

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