Borysov Academy / Metro Academy: TOP-6 classes of September

Borysov Academy / Metro Academy — is a modern academic education in sphere of HoReCa. It’s not about lovely presentations and words. It’s about our own experience. Chefs and other professionals of Dmytro Borysov’s Gastrofamily will share their knowledge and skills, confess their fuckups.

Class schedule is available on the Academy’s web-site

Legal aspects of founding and running own restaurant business

A path from the idea to the opening party is not only difficult and challenging, but also extremely interesting. 
Of course you will first have to register as an entrepreneur, open a bank account, create and sign hundreds of documents, obtain dozens of licenses. Installing a STL and registrating a cash terminal,  technical conclusion considering the building, sanitary-epidemiological station license, fire safety journal, trade mark, license for alcohol and tobacco retail – that’s just the beginning.  
To help you not get confused by hundreds of documents and laws we’ve started this intensive class. One day of full contact with the legal aspects of restaurant business. Getting things together will be much easier afterwards.

Lecturer: Maksym Kurochko, an attorney and lead partner of the law company.

Time: thursday, August 30 , from  10:00 till 19:00
Cost: 950 UAH 

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Marketing: strategy and tactics

"Borysov-style marketing". No, we’re not paying for ads and articles all over Ukraine. We’re not spending millions on facebook adds. We just love to do what we’re doing and every single one of our projects.
We – are a marketing department of Dmytro Borysov’s Gastrofamily. Every day we plan, invent, write, take pictures, communicate and get even deeper in love with gastronomy.
So our class – is a series of lectures about victories and losses, a creative lab and a mobile photo workshop (yeah, you can take cool pics with any phone).
Lecturers:  Banko Maria – marketing director, Maryna Lavrenchuk – pr-manager, Maria Zhukovska – smm-manager, Daria Mangubi – photographer, executive producer of Radio OB.

Time: Tuesday, September 11, 10:00-19:00
Cost: 1100 UAH 
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Effective HR-system in a restaurant: from recruiting to team play 

Restaurant cannot exist without a team – those very people, who will create a product, communicate with guests, fulfil the ideas of the owners.
How do you find the right people, bring up the stars (and is it necessary) and not lose them, hoe to pick, teach, motivate and ste the HR system to make it work.
Let’s hear about all thet from a person, managing HR in a team of over 2500 workers.
Olena Honcharenko, HR-manager of Dmytro Borysov’s Gastrofamily will not only frankly tell about her experience, but also teach a practical class, combining all aspects of working with a team in restaurant business.

Besides – an HR-pro Natalia CHepurna – HRD in automobile sphere, HoReCa, and kids’ retail.
1 day = maximum concentration of useful knowledge, documentary system, positions profiles, HR-secrets, strategic and tactical decisions in HR.

Time: Thursday, September 13, 10:00-19:00
Cost: 1100 UAH
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Home cocktail party. Practical studies

Our class is more than just about mixing drinks. It’s about business and fun.

Here’s the short program:
How is the strong drinks world arranged? Classification of strong drinks and wines.

Cocktail structure: simple formulas for creating infinite number of cocktails.
Creating a home bar: necessary alcohol and gear.
Tasting of alcohol.
Basic mixing techniques
Making legendaru cocktails
snacks workshop

Time: Sunday, September 16, 10:00-19:00
Cost: 1100 UAH
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How to open and effectively run a café/bar/restaurant

Our flagship class for managers of the restaurant business.
opening a restaurant: from the idea to the first profit.
budgeting and an effective business model.
Marketing and PR
management in a restaurant, kitcen and bar work, setting the service.
procurement, logistics and an effective
modern HR approaches to team motivation
creating the selling  menu and bar card
Besides the two day class includes:
culinary work-shops
tasting of wines, crafted beer, coffee and cheeses
personal consulting

Lecturers: Dmytro Borysov, Olena Borysova, top-management of Dmytro Borysov’s Gastrofamily
Time: Saturday/Sunday, September 21-22, 10:00-19:00
Cost: 5200 UAH

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Barista. Everything about coffee

It would be fair to say that this class was subject to tons of questions and proposals. Yes, we live in times of the third wave coffee – it’s much more than just an invigorating drink.
Borysov Academy team has worked hard to satisfy all your expectations, so the class will last for three days and cover maximum spheres: from kinds of coffee beans and roasting technologies to business plan of your own café.
At this class you will learn:
- the geography and sorts of coffee
- how coffee stock works and how prices are being formed
- how coffee machines work
- how water affects the taste of coffee
- how to pick coffee for your place
- how to arrange cupping
- preparing classics and alternative
- combining coffee with milk and alcohol
- you’ll write your café’s business plan
- secrets of effective menu and hospitality rules

Time: September 28-30, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 10:00-19:00
Cost: 2850 UAH
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