Creative Lenten menu in Oxota na Ovets

Spring. Asian elegance. Light & bright flavors.  It’s the way we see our Lenten menu at Oxota na Ovets. We simply choose the best seasonal products and favorite Asian technics and create as many extraordinary dishes as possible.

Carrot, beetroot, pumpkin ... They are like “Familiar Strangers” as their potential is not used by chefs. We’ve changed it.Beetroot with truffle oil and pine nuts is a perfect spring tartare. Honey carrots with sesame seeds is a kind of brilliant simplicity and excitement taste. Pumpkin creaam soup with wood mushrooms and coconut milk - one of the most popular flavors of the season.


Inspiration transforms the simplest product into explosive flavors, gastronomic emotions. Combine vegetable slices and moyashi (delicious and healthy bean sprouts) and Ponzu sauce (one of the most famous Japanese sauce with yuzu juice, Mirin and dashi broth) and get a perfectly balanced meal.


Seaweed salad with peanut sauce, roasted vegetables salad, vegetable spring roll, miso soup with tofu and wakame  - great classic, always tasty.
Finally in Kiev every day you can eat your favorite South Asia meal - pak choi WOK with chili and cashew.


What else? Lots of tasty and nutritious dishes such as yellow curry with wood mushrooms, fruits and cashew, WOK fried rice with vegetables and wood mushrooms, glass noodles with vegetables and soy sprouts, quinoa with vegetable salsa ....


For dessert, we recommend baked fruits with berry sorbet.

We wish you a perfect gastronomic experience!
See you. Phone for reservations: 067 406 4156