The seventh Kupala release of our digest – about Carpathian truffle festival in Kanapa, first travelling Radio OB broadcast with Dmytro Borysov, new menu in Lyubchyk and other gastronomic magic of this summer.

Shall we?


Carpathian truffle season in Kanapa

Why not in autumn? – you wonder. Well, this planet has dozens of kinds of truffles, but there are only nine true “kitchen diamonds”. Four of them (like Carpathian white summer truffle), grow in Ukraine. Kanapa restaurant-salon is holding a festival and offers to taste five fine dishes of white Carpathian truffle:

Foie gras, marinated in white wine with apple kvas jelly, apple-poppy jam, toasted fancy bread and truffle (129₴)

Varenyky with potatoes and mushrooms, farmer sour cream and white truffle (89₴)

Hrechotto with smoked duck and truffle (159₴)

Fried egg with mushroom saute and Carpathian truffle (98₴)

Ice-cream with fois gras and white truffle (49₴).


Try it in Kanapa estaurant-salon on Andrew’s descent 19A


Lyubchyk. Even more Odesa delicacies

The menu is now larger – just like you asked. Now it’s a big newspaper with main news of Odesa cuisine. Baked bell pepper with sheep bryndza (89₴), various platers for a big company (fish, meat, cheese, vegetables – starting from 89₴), rapanas in cream sauce (168₴), even more fish and tons of meat: from rack of veal (178₴) to mutton lula-kebab.


Check out the menu:


Смакувати тут: "Любчик" на Воздвиженській, 10Б

The first travelling broadcast of Radio OB

Dmytro Borysov has invited the audience of “Borysov’s decanter” to the Check-in Kyiv secret bar to talk about Ukrainian bar culture, cool UAH98 Kyiv cocktails, and introduce the chef-barmen of Check-in Kyiv – Evgeniya Lysenko and the amazing Loko. If you missed it live – check out the video:

Find the secret Check-in Kyiv Bar on the corner of Horodetskoho st. and Zankovetskoi st, in the wardrobe of Chicken Kyiv restaurant.

RONIN. Relaxation and season meals.

It’s cozy, just like in countryside, on Zoolohichna street within 20 minutes drive from the center. Dep shadows under the old trees, four summer terraces, creative space BABYROCK for the little ones – just perfect for a quiet, comfortable rest.

Besides we have a season menu:

Nikkei-roll tartar tuna (198₴)

Nikkei-roll tartar salmon (198₴)

Salmon, avocado and orange salad (198₴)

Yellow tomatoes gazpacho (89₴)

Shrimps with sweet wasabi and chili passion fruit sauces (169₴)

Tori kara-age – chicken meatballs (198₴)

Rack of lamb with baked vegetables (498₴)

Sweet roll with strawberries, mango and kiwi (198₴)

Banana parfait with guava sorbet (79₴)




Cocktail party, Borysov-like marketing and other courses from Borysov Academy

Four unteresting courses at once are starting in Borysov Academy.

19 July —HR workshop,

27 July — flagship course "Ho to open and run a café/bar/restaurant. 

29 July — marketing course,

10 August —intensive course on cocktails,

Cost — from 950 грн.

For more info click here.


Jerry Heil. Ostannya Barycada

Fantastic Ukrainian singer and blogger Jerry Heil has solo concert at Ostannya Barycada on 19 July.

Book a table here: 068 907 1991

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