Good breakfast in the big city

Morning full of bright emotions is a good beginning for a good day. We‘ve prepared different morning gastronomic scenarios you obviously should try.

For example, if you work at Vozdvizhenka or nearby, just take half an hour for a delicious breakfast at GASTROROCK or Oxota Na Ovets.

Ukrainian gastronomic pub GASTROROCK will offer one of these six interesting options:

- Perfect cooked in the oven poached eggs and toasts with herb butter, chicken roll and spinach. This dish is served with sweet sauce made of cheese, white wine and cream;

- Very tasty oatmeal with flax and sunflower seeds, nuts, raisins and seasonal berries;

Shakshuka - sous vide poached eggs with sauce based on tomatoes, pepper and nut;

GASTROROCK  cottage cheese pancakes, served with sour cream and sweet nut jam, perfect with a cup of cocoa;

Sous vide blood sausage with bacon and onion, served with three scrambled eggs;

- Baked in the oven milk with fresh seasonal berries.

Any of these dishes + juice + tea / coffee / cocoa - 69 UAH. From 7 am we are waiting for you - in GASTROROCK.

In Asian steakhouse Oxota Na Ovets from 10:00 to 12:00 we’ll cook tender scrambled eggs with scallops (137 UAH), delicious oatmeal with dates (67 UAH) or portion of cottage cheese pancakes with fig jam (75 UAH). For guests who prefer to start their morning with eggs, we’ll offer several good ideas. Scrambled eggs with shrimp, fresh salmon and blue cheese (137 UAH) or traditional fried eggs with bacon, tomatoes and onion (65 UAH)? It’s you to choose, we’ll just cook perfectly both of them.

If you have panned a morning business meeting, breakfast at the restaurant of the new Ukrainian cuisine "Kanapa" will be a great idea. From 10:00 to 12:00 only for 79 UAH  you can order eggs with slices of smoked salo, Carpathian bryndza, ripe tomato and forest mushrooms or vareniki with cherries or your favorite cottage cheese pancakes with raisins, sour cream and berry sauce. Also we’ll offer you porridge (white or green buckwheat, oat flakes) with apples, honey and nuts. Guests who like traditional Ukrainian recipes will be surprise baked in the oven with milk and donuts and berry jam.

Breakfast at "Barsuk" is always delicious. A little peace of comfort and coziness at Pechersk. For breakfast we are cooking Eggs Benedict on crispy toasts with cream-cheese sauce, bacon slides or salmon. One of the most popular morning dishes this summer is a croissant with cottage cheese and fresh berries. For traditional breakfast we’ll prepare an omelet or scrambled eggs with bacon and vegetables, oatmeal with apples and cinnamon or sweet curd-fritter with raisins.

Have a really good morning!