New menu in GASTROROCK

About the concept

"The basic idea of ​​the menu remains the same - we develop Ukrainian gastronomy, bringing it to a new level. We focus on local products (poultry and pork are from Baryshevsky district, veal is from Odessa and Vinnitsa pastures), but our main goal is to reach authentic tastes. We combine traditional technologies like fermentation, pickling or smoking and modern techniques such as sous vide, to prepare dishes  to  translate "Ukrainian emotion", recognizable style of our cuisine".


Regional cuisine

"Ukrainian cuisine has absorbed a lot of traditional dishes from other countries. For centuries, they have been transformed, becoming a part of Ukrainian food culture, so we include them in the menu. Thus, in GASTROROCK  you can order mincemeat (Danube herring with apples), and hummus, and very tasty  lamb cheburek. For example, Chlodnik is actually Baltic soup, but it has been popular in Ukraine for a long time so it has become a part of our tradition. We prepare hummus in two variations. As an appetizer it is served with sour pomegranate and pita, as a hot dish it is served with chicken liver. This dish has very interesting flavor, as we cook liver with our liqueur “Cherry -Bourbon".


Tastes and emotions

"In the new menu, we have introduced several dishes with very recognizable flavors -  like recipes from childhood, but cooked at the restaurant. You know that feeling when you try, for example, pancakes with pork and recall how your mother cooked them, sliced ​​meat, picked up the spices ... It is a very strong, very warm feeling - I would really like our guests to feel it in GASTROROCK. Tastes, of course, are quite different, but it is clear what we want to say with these dishes".


About fish and seafood

"We decided to expand the list of dishes from fish and seafood. For example, we will prepare delicious kebabs with Black Sea rapana and Carpathian paprika. We will serve several dishes with  perch. The most delicate part of the fish will be served with a beet perlotto, the rest will  be used while preparing mousse with onion and a bit of smoked lard -  it gonna be great filling for mini-dumplings with tomato sauce and perch".


About kanapka-bar

We continue to experiment with variations of Ukrainian tapas. We add several new kanapkas – with  herring in smoked lard. It sounds a bit weird, but it's very tasty. Journalists have already appreciated this dish, now it is in our main menu. Also we make kanapkas with pork, ramen salad and smoked tomatoes, with cheese soaked in oil with herbs. We are not trying to follow “bread + something else” style. We just serve different snacks to go well with wine or craft beer. By the way, we want to develop the culture of high-quality alcohol drinking between lunch and dinner, so we have prepared a special offer: craft beer with a set of 5 different kanapka at very loyal price. "


About technologies

"I have already said that we use a variety of technologies in the kitchen. For example, we smoked pork this way:  for 10 days we soak it in saline with different spices, then we keep it in the special refrigerator, then smoke for 12 hours. By the way, we collect fat, flowing with it - it is used for kanapka with herring, dumplings with perch. In josper we cook steaks, we will also bake eggplant with cheese.  Al so we use  sous vide technology, it gives the perfect texture of meat".


"I wonder how our guests will appreciate this menu. As usual I am very critical, but this time I really like the menu".