Oxota na Ovets: hunting for new tastes

City is suffering from summer heat, but Oxota na Ovets is still cozy and cool place to have a rest. It’s so delightful to be here and to explore new tastes as travelers go to discover and explore the new lands.

Summer menu in Oxota na Ovets Asian combines elegance and passion. Perfectly fresh ingredients and interesting sauces make the perfect balance of textures and flavors.

So here we go.

* Shrimp sashimi - 155 UAH, eel sashimi - 127 UAH

In purely Japanese style, we present new sashimi (eel, shrimp, tuna, salmon and scallop) and sushi (scallop, octopus, tiger shrimp).

*Sushi: tiger shrimp - 85 UAH, scallop - 95 UAH, octopus - 65 UAH

Light spring roll with crab, cabbage, vegetables and Thai sauce is a great choice.

Also we present new salads: for example, now we serve salad with Peking duck and pomelo and a rather interesting salad with octopus, tomatoes, chili and pack-choy..

*Spring roll with crab - 275 UAH, octopus salad - 285 гривень, Peking duck salad - 195 UAH


Asian style Roast Beef is a new interpretation of well-known classical dishes. And frankly speaking we really like it. By the way, it’s a perfect reason for a glass of fine red wine.

Bonito eggplant is incredibly juicy and tender, it has a sweet flavor, so it goes well Katsuobushi (bonito flakes -  skipjack tuna) as a basic ingredient for many Asian dishes.

*Bonito eggpalnt - 95 UAH

Our bestseller is a cold Korean soup we serve in ice plate with fresh flowers. Roast beef, eggs, vegetables and noodles plus kimchi pickle is an outstanding combination.

And we also recommend pumpkin Tom Yam.

New WOK-ideas: WOK pork with wood mushrooms, pak-choy and sweet and sour sauce, and WOK octopus with vegetables.

Now we offer three ways for cooking sea bream: we cook it on the robata-grilled, bake in banana leaves and boil with vegetables.

We offer new white burgers: this time we combine a steamed rice bun with lobster meat and cheese. We serve with french fries and chili garlic sauce.

*  WOK octopus with vegetables - 285 UAH, white burgers with lobster, french fries and chili garlic suace  - 350 UAH,  Asian style Roast Beef - 155 UAH.

For dessert we serve Japanese mochi with ice cream and green tea, cherry petals or juicy mango.

Also, now we are preparing raw superfood desserts: cake with mango, blueberry and vanilla and cake with lime and green tea.

* Mochi - 115 UAH.

Reservations: 067 406 4156