Strawberry season

Each restaurant of Dima Borisov’s gastrofamily has its own history and its own style... Despite they used the same product - fresh summer strawberry – they managed to create completely different strawberry menus.

For example, the gourmet restaurant of new Ukrainian cuisine KANAPA offers a salad with strawberries, dried sausage, celery and vanilla sauce (69 UAH), creamy strawberry soup (79 UAH), steamed dumplings with strawberries (89 UAH). Also we serve "strawberry patch" - dish made from fresh berries with cream and “edible ground” (79 UAH).

Strawberry beverages are also perfectly delicious. Just try strawberry lemonade (39 UAH) and cocktails like "Strawberry with cinnamon and vodka", "Strawberry with vodka, lemon juice and Sprite" or "Strawberry with rum and mineral water" ( 79 UAH for each of them).

Big hunting for new tastes never stops in Asian steakhouse Oxota na ovets. Among the most interesting options we can offer Indian lassi with strawberries and mango (59 UAH); strawberry tempura - served with ice cream, basil and maple syrup (95 UAH); Ice Tea “Ginseng-Strawberry" (55 UAH); Ice Tea “Lapsang Souchong" with strawberry and lemongrass (55 UAH). And don’t forget about delicious cocktails “Spicy Strawberry" and "Strawberry Spritz”. Price- 127 UAH for each of them.

Barsuk offers us classic dishes and wonderful unexpected variations of popular recipes. What do you think about croissant with homemade young cheese and strawberry (59 UAH), delicate tart with cream and summer berries (75 UAH) and exquisite Italian dessert Sabayon with strawberries (75 UAH)? By the way, the cold strawberry tea can make all the dishes even better.

РИБАLOVE prepared us delicious dishes like strawberry mousse with "Mascarpone" (78 UAH). And as always, there are several strawberry soft and hard drinks to choose.

Strawberry menu in Crab's Burger is not very big, but rather interesting. For example, you can order strawberry mille-feuille (98 UAH), strawberry smoothie (39 UAH), squeezed fresh strawberries (48 UAH) and "Strawberry mojito" (89 UAH).

Fich&Chick's is a place where you can order strawberry soup with mint and balsamic cream (49 UAH), strawberry smoothie (39 USD) and aromatic strawberries with ice cream (49 UAH).

Hot seasonal offers never ends - just watch out for the delicious recipes!