Weeks of Black Sea Oysters Mushlya Fayna

A hundred years ago, Ukraine exported oysters to most of the European countries.
The Black Sea Oyster, grown in slightly saline waters of the Sea, always has a very delicate taste.

To revive the culture of the Black Sea mollusk, we, for the first time in Kyiv, present to you an oyster Mushlya Fayna # 2 and # 3” which were grown from Fine de Claire kind near the Kherson Biosphere Reserve. Try the local mollusk for 39 UAH per oyster.
According to the forgotten gastronomic traditions, our oysters are served with original sauces.
Try the Ukrainian delicacy in our restaurants Kanapa, Oxota na Ovets, Crab’s Burger, Rybalove, Barsuk or GASTROROCK!