Winter holidays on Vozdvizhenka

We are fans of what we do. We are a little bit obsessed with esthetics, that’s why we automatically convey our vision of the delicious world to the surrounding reality. For example, we travel a lot and know how it is cozy and delicious in Europe during the holidays. We know that pictures from movies such as children's laughing, happy parents, love, traditions, beautiful decor exist in reality.

We recreated this atmosphere in our gastronomic area of Vozdvizhenka. Winter menu with baked meat and hotdogs, shanks and stews, fish sandwiches, champagne and caviar, ginger cookies and mulled wine ... The entertainment program for kids and adults - St. Nicholas, New Year pre-party, the traditional Christmas with carols and a den.. We hope that you have been there! If not – you will have to wait for the next year!