Family restaurants



Hi, I’m Dmytro Borysov, a cook, an owner and a brand-chef of a self-titled restaurant chain. My dream and goal is the development of Ukrainian gastronomic culture. Our main values are love and respect. Eco-approach is the basis of our work. This applies to everything – relations with guests, partners, communication within our team and with the world as a whole.

Once I took a risk and created a place different from the others: there was no pizza, sushi, karaoke, hookah, discounts or posh interior there. But it did have tasty food and that was the reason for people to come every day. It was Barsuk – my first restaurant.

8 years have passed, and it’s still hard to find a vacant table here in the evening. Later there were travels all over the world, exploring various gastronomic trends, multiple experiments and searching for new formats. We opened a GASTROROCK gastronomic pub (now it’s our Odessa cuisine restaurant – LYUBCHYK) an Asian steakhouse - Oxota na Ovets, Kanapa – a new Ukrainian cuisine restaurant (from now on – not only on Kyiv, but also in Warsaw)

We had a dream to open modern dish restaurants in Ukraine and amp up the seafood trend. So we’ve created the РИБАLOVE and Crab’s Burger.

For the youngest we invented the Babyrock — gastronomic café and a space for kids with entertaining and educational functions and a first half of the day. Now there’s two of them: on Vozdvyzhenka and on Zoolohichna st.

We have embodied ambitious projects like RONIN – a Japanese-Peruvian cuisine restaurant and, of course, Ostannya Barykada — art and gastronomic space, museum of modern Ukrainian history,platform for social and cultural projects and a place to meet new people, after all.

In 2017 we opened restaurants devoted to various aspects of Ukrainian regional cuisine. I admire local Ukrainian products – Bessarabian Danube herring and Carpathian porcinies, eel of Shatski lakes and Black sea crustaceans, Ukrainian cheeses and oysters, beef and lamb, fantastic wines and strong alcohol.  

All of the mentioned you can try in Bessarabia South-Ukrainian cuisine restaurant and Vatra meat restaurant.

Besides that we created a restaurant about and for Kyiv. Chicken Kyiv. With legendary chicken kyiv cutlets, dishes of farmer chicken and rooster, desserts , breakfast sets with sparkling wine and donuts like the ones we had when we were kids. It is a demonstration of love and respect to the history of the city, its creative reassignment.

We opened a democratic non-bistro Kanapka bar on Andrew’s descent (6 most popular kinds of canapes for 69₴!) and a  1€ cider bar — Bilyy Nalyv (everything costs 29₴).

And this is just the beginning. Everything we do, we do thanks to and for the sake of love.